2021 - 2022 TUITION RATES

To figure monthly rate, start with the regular rate for the longest length class

and add discounted rates for each additional class.

There will be a $25 registration fee per family.

$62 first class
$31 additional classes

1 hour class

This is the monthly rate for taking a 1 hour class per week.  Each additional class is $31.

$76 first class
$38 additional classes

1.5 hour class

This is the monthly rate for taking a 1.5 hour class/week.  Each additional 1.5 hour class is $38.


Dance Force

$50 with Unlimited Package


Unlimited Package

This is the monthly rate for unlimited classes.


Unlimited Package with Dance Force

This is the monthly rate for Unlimited Package with Dance Force.

10% - 30% DISCOUNT

Family Rates

Family discounts are based on number of family dancers enrolled:

2 dancers - 10% off regular rates

3 dancers - 15% off regular rates

4 dancers - 20% off regular rates

5 dancers - 25% off regular rates

6 dancers (yes we have a qualifying family!) - 30% off regular rates

Private lesson rates vary by instructor.  Rates range from $40 - $60 per half hour.  These must be scheduled with the teacher and 24 hour in advance cancellation policy applies.  A $20 cancellation fee will be applied for cancellations under 24 hours of scheduled lesson time.